Learn to Climb Series

Learn to Climb Series
Photo by Patrick Hendry / Unsplash

Learn to climb

Our courses range from entry level through to coaching for advanced technique.

Our instructors are all highly experienced, so we'll make sure you're confident and proficient before we release you into the wild on your own.

I'm in!

Something for everyone

Each course will be tailored to you and we'll bring all the gear you need. Please come with plenty of water, appropriate clothes for exercise, and snacks. We'll send detailed information on where to meet your instructors on the day before your course.

Climb Experience

4 hours | no prerequisites

This fun session allows you to try climbing if you're not sure you want to commit to learning all the skills necessary to climb on your own.

Our expert guides will look out for your safety and maximize your climbing time.

While you won't learn any rope skills during the session, it's a great way to introduce yourself and start getting acquainted with the gear and protocols.

Intro to Climbing

3 hours | no prerequisites

In this tailored session we'll teach you general principles of climbing, some technique, basic understanding of anchors and safety.

We'll get you started with belaying, and of course you’ll get some actual climbing practice during the session.

You won't be ready to climb without supervision after this course, but you'll be well on your way.

Top Rope Competence

4 hours | Intro to Climbing required


During the first 3 hours we reinforce what you learnt in the intro. You’ll learn to catch falls, practice belaying and learn about different devices as well as recognising safe anchor set up.

We’ll help you improve your technique and general competence on the rock and teach you as much as you can take on board!

During the last hour we test you - checking the lines, tying in, partner safety checks, belay set up and technique. Assuming you pass, you’d be confident top rope climbing elsewhere and can confidently go to any sport climbing gym and pass their test for entry.

Abseiling Competence

3 hours | no prerequisites

Want the thrill without all the hard work? Abseiling may be for you.

Not only is it great fun, but several of our stunning sea cliff climbs are accessible only by abseil, so it's a great skill to have if you want to make the most of Malta's wildest spots.

In this course we'll teach you technique, equipment handling and how to set your own anchors; everything you need to know to be confident and safe when using your own gear.



Climb Experience ------------------------ €65
Intro to Climbing ------------------------- €70
Top Rope Competence ------------------ €90
Abseiling Competence ------------------€120
All prices are per person.