Indoor climbing

The facilities, grades and opening hours

The facilities

Our wall has been manufactured in Poland and built by the specialist Gato Walls team, on site in Mriehel.

There are at least 60 different problems with 15 changed every week, across a wide range of difficulty levels. We also have a campus board, pull up bar and training tools as well as space to stretch and warm up before you climb.

We’re located above our friends at Crossfit 356 and have a shared reception, bathrooms and showers and even an on-site Physiotherapist.
We have space for you to put your things while you climb, plus rental shoes and chalk, and tape and chalk to buy. There’s also a small selection of drinks available, and water refills on tap.


In our indoor gym, you’ll find different routes, or ‘problems’, with each difficulty level represented by a colour. Each one is carefully designed, and all are re-set regularly to keep it fresh.

As you move up the grades, or try different styles of boulder problem, you’ll find some require more balance and agility, while others need strength or coordination.. or a combination of everything!

We have something for every level of fitness and experience, from zero to hero.

Get started

Your first visit

Everyone, first timers or seasoned climbers, will enjoy climbing in the gym. And unless you need to talk to us about a group activity or event, there's no need to book - you can just show up and get started.

You'll need to sign our waiver so get that sorted now, or sign when you arrive at the gym. The waiver also sets up your Ġebla account so you're all set to buy your pass and start climbing.

No experience is necessary, though if it's your first time we recommend you arrive at least 2 hours before we close so we can talk you through the basics, make sure you know the etiquette and kit you out with shoes and chalk before you get started on the wall.

How much does it cost?

Single day entry

1 Day ----------------------------------------- €20
1 Day Off-Peak*----------------------------- €15
Parent + Child Day Combo -------------- €30
Parent + Child Day Combo Off-Peak*-- €25
1 Day Family Member**-- €10
* Entry before 4pm on non-holiday weekdays only
** Valid for parent OR child of a member, including all
youth programmes. Child must be under 15.

Entry bundles

5 Day Bundle ---------------------------------- €80
10 Day Bundle***----------------------------- €150
*** Can be shared


1 Month -------------------------------- €75
3 Months ----------------------------- €195
6 Months ----------------------------- €345


Shoe Rental ------------------------------ €4
Chalk Rental ----------------------------- €2
Shoes + Chalk --------------------------- €5

Family discounts - Please ask about discounts available for families on our monthly passes and youth programmes.

Member Benefits - Members (Monthly, 5, or 10 Day Bundle holders) are eligible for:

  • Free attendance at our weekly Progression Sessions.
  • Free attendance for all pop up clinics.
  • Discounts on all outdoor courses.
  • Free attendance at all social events and activities.

Pass validity period begins on the date of first entry. Contact us to purchase.

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