find the climber in you

Want to try climbing but not sure where to start?

Anyone can climb. We feel pretty passionately about this. You don’t need to be an athlete, or be able to do pull ups. So if you’re doubting yourself, put that to one side and let’s give it a try.

Visit our gym

You can pick up a day pass for €15 off-peak (before 4pm on weekdays) or €20 on-peak. Add on climbing shoes and chalk rental for €5.

We recommend you arrive at least 2 hours before we close so that you'll have enough time to fully explore the facility. Get a head start by signing our waiver before you arrive!

Take a course

Get to grips with climbing! Learn with expert instructors. Master the safety procedures, become comfortable with the basics and you’ll be ready to partner up with other climbers and get out there. We offer courses for both indoor climbing and outdoor, so pick your poison and send us a message to book your space.

And when you’d like to take your skills to the next level or improve your technique, we have a range of advanced courses and coaching sessions to choose from.

email us to schedule a lesson.

Experience Climbing

Our Climb Experience is the quickest way to get on the rocks. We'll take care of everything, just enjoy yourself. Find out more and book here.

Family fun

Kids have tons of energy and it’s not easy to find new activities to keep them interested and learning at the same time. Climbing is a great way to put all that energy to good use.

It teaches children perseverance, discipline, and respect for the environment. They’ll make lifelong friends, built on something special, and they’ll come home tired and happy.

It’s also a great activity for families; a chance to come together and build new memories which will last a lifetime.

Our indoor gym is an awesome space to get started, or there’s the great outdoors to get to grips with! Check out our courses to find the right one for you, or get in touch to find out more.

More than climbing

It's not just about doing things you never imagined you could. It’s about new friendships built on something different. A worldwide community you’re suddenly and automatically welcomed into.

It's about supporting each other. Sharing the highs and lows. Finding a workout for your body and your brain that you can’t replicate in any other way. Accomplishing personal goals and loving it when you see others reach theirs. And at the end of the day, it’s about sharing the best cold beer you’ve ever had.

It’s not about scaling Everest or taking up an adrenaline sport, but you will get to experience what it’s like to truly be in the moment. Forced to overcome fears, negative thoughts and anxiety. You’ll be a better person when you come back down to earth than when you left it.

It’s about the art of movement and balance. About watching slim girls climb harder than big muscly guys. About not making judgements, or feeling judged. And it’s about feeling empowered, and knowing yourself, in a way you never did before.

This is why we started Ġebla. Because we believe in giving people the opportunity to try it for themselves.

Check out our courses and book today!

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