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Malta: Discover something special

These beautiful Islands are blessed with easy access to stunning crags and hundreds of routes, often with incredible sea views.

Thanks to its small size, you never have to travel far to reach the crag and you’ll usually be just a quick jaunt from a beach for swimming afterwards.

Maltese rock is limestone, with everything from epic overhanging lines in ancient caves to sketchy slabs. And most crags have a range of difficulties to suit climbers of all levels.

Fun climbing for everyone

€65pp | 4 hours | no prerequisites | all equipment provided

If you are looking for a thrilling outdoor activity, something to bring the family together, or an unforgettable experience gift for an adventure-loving friend, then look no further than our Climb Experience.

In this 4-hour session we focus on fun rather than learning. We set everything up, provide all the safety equipment, and start you off gently with beginners' routes. For anyone finding it too easy, we’ll test you out on something more challenging, making sure everyone in the session gets to push their limits.

Enjoy a work out for your body and your brain and experience what it’s like to be truly in the moment. Do something you never imagined you could. Support each other to overcome your challenges and share the incredible feeling of accomplishment.

Sport climbing courses

We offer a series of courses to teach you how to be an independent rock climber. Starting with Top Rope Competence up to Star Belayer, we've got courses for all levels.

Intro to Climbing

In this tailored session we'll teach you general principles of climbing, some technique, basic understanding of anchors and safety. We'll get you started with belaying, and of course you’ll get some actual climbing practice during the session. You won't be ready to climb without supervision after this course, but you'll be well on your way.

€70 pp | 3 hours | no prerequisites

Top Rope Competence

During the first 3 hours we reinforce what you learnt in the intro. You’ll learn to catch falls, practice belaying and learn about different devices as well as recognising safe anchor set up.

We’ll help you improve your technique and general competence on the rock and teach you as much as you can take on board!

During the last hour we test you - checking the lines, tying in, partner safety checks, belay set up and technique. Assuming you pass, you’d be confident top rope climbing elsewhere and can confidently go to any sport climbing gym and pass their test for entry.

€130 pp | 4 hours | Intro to Climbing required

Anchor Building

During this session we'll teach you how to build several types of anchors which can be used for abseiling, multipitch climbing, hanging belay, and more.

We'll mainly focus on building anchors on bolts, but are happy to share our knowledge on building natural anchors as well.

You will practice first on the ground, then on a low hanging anchor, and finally atop a route.

€120 pp | 3 hours | Toprope competency

Anchor Cleaning

In this course we will teach you how to safely clean all types of anchors found on sport climbs.

You'll practice on the ground first, then on a low hanging anchor, and finally at the top of a route.

€80 pp | 2 hours | Toprope competency

Lead Climbing

Learn to safely lead climb a route, including guidance on partner safety checks, communication, rope management, and mental fortitude.

With the ability to lead climb you will gain access to the majority of the climbs on the island and become more independent as a climber.

Our guides will get you to the point where you are safe and comfortable on a lead route, and taking falls above and below a bolt.

€120 pp | 3 hours | Toprope competency

Lead Belaying

In this course you'll learn how to safely lead belay from a standing position.

We’ll improve your rope management skills, teach you how to catch a lead fall, how to check your rope for wear and tear, and get you confidently belaying lead climbers on all types of routes.

€130 pp | 4 hours | Intro to Climbing required

Abseiling Competence

Want the thrill without all the hard work? Abseiling may be for you.

Not only is it great fun, but several of our stunning sea cliff climbs are accessible only by abseil, so it's a great skill to have if you want to make the most of Malta's wildest spots.

In this course we'll teach you technique, equipment handling and how to set your own anchors; everything you need to know to be confident and safe when using your own gear.

€130 pp | 4 hours | Intro to Climbing required

Star Belayer

Most lead belayers can catch a basic fall. But very few belayers can catch a fall with grace.

In this course we'll turn you into a star belayer - the one everyone wants to give them a catch.

You'll learn advanced techniques for catching your partner softly, how to better anticipate your climber's needs, and ways to improve communication when your climber is out of sight.

€120 pp | 3 hours | Lead Belaying required

Multi Pitch

Multipitch climbing will give you access to the stunning seacliff multipitches around the island, as well as countless adventures abroad.

With this skill you'll solidify your anchor building and cleaning abilities, take your rope management skills to the next level, and be ready for adventures you never dreamed of.

You should have all of your own gear for this skill, including at least 3 slings or cordelets, at least 3 locking carabiners, a full set of quickdraws, an ATC or similar belay device, a helmet, and your usual climbing gear.

€120 pp | 4 hours | Lead climbing & anchor building

Get the most of your holiday

Hire a guide

Malta is a wonderful place for your climbing trip. And our guides are here to save you time finding the crags and make sure you get the very most out of your time on these beautiful Islands.

Our guides know the rocks of Malt and Gozo like the back of their hands. Don't waste time bushwhacking to the crag, book a Ġebla guide!

Available on an hourly basis, our guides can:

- take an experienced group of climbers to a new area - act as a belay or multipitch partner - show climbers from abroad to, and around, the crag - take less experienced climbers to a toprope climbing area

€35 per hour