Indoor courses and coaching

Indoor courses and coaching
Photo by Nguyen Thu Hoai / Unsplash

Indoor courses and coaching

Our classes will give you everything you need to climb with confidence. Whether you’re a total beginner or an old-school crusher looking to brush up on some skills, our experienced instructors are here to support you.

1-1 coaching

Beginner and intermediate

Looking to kick off your climbing with some private coaching sessions? Stuck at your grade and not sure how to progress?

Our tailored sessions, with experienced coaches, will make the world of difference to your climbing. We promise!

Book a second person for your private session at 50% off.

1 hour €30 | 5 session bundle €120

1-1 coaching


Take it to the next level. Moving beyond incremental gains can be hard without someone to push you. This is a fully personalised programme… including TRAINING PLAN

1 hour €50 | 5 session bundle €200

intro to bouldering


New to climbing and wanting to learn the tips, tricks and technique to have a flying start?

Held at our gym in a small group, you’ll train, learn (and laugh) together for 1.5hrs each week. Each session addresses different aspects of climbing, and you’ll come away surprised at what you achieve, we promise!

The course includes shoes and chalk rental, and access to the gym after each session.

4 week course | €80


Free for members!

Every Wednesday, 7pm we run through workouts and training drills in this fun open session designed to help us build endurance, strength, core and more.

Each week we focus on a new area, working on our climbing technique, movement and flexibility; motivating each other as we sweat it out!


18 and under

We have a range of options for young climbers. Head over to our Youth page to find out more.